acromegalic gigantism

acromegalic gigantism
gigantismo acromegálico.

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  • John F. Carroll — (1932 1969) is one of twelve individuals recorded in medical history to have stood eight feet or more. Carroll suffered from severe, 2 dimensional spinal curvature (Kyphoscoliosis) and acromegalic gigantism. He had a standing height of 244… …   Wikipedia

  • Don Koehler — Donald A. Koehler (September 1, 1925 – February 26, 1981) is one of thirteen individuals in medical history to reach a verified height of eight feet (244 cm) or more. He was generally recognized as the tallest man in the world from at least 1969… …   Wikipedia

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  • Jack Earle — Jacob Rheuben Ehrlich (3 July 1906 in Denver, Colorado 18 July 1952 in El Paso Texas [ [ Tallest Ever Movie Giants] ] ) was an American silent film actor and sideshow performer.Due to acromegalic gigantism …   Wikipedia

  • acromegaly — acromegalic /ak roh meuh gal ik/, adj. /ak reuh meg euh lee/, n. Pathol. a chronic disease characterized by enlargement of the bones of the head, the soft parts of the feet and hands, and sometimes other structures, due to excessive secretion of… …   Universalium

  • Acromegaly — Condition due to the production of too much growth hormone by the pituitary gland after the end of adolescence. When there is secretion of too much growth hormone before the end of adolescence, gigantism results. People with pituitary gigantism… …   Medical dictionary

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